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Press release

Press release, August 22nd 2012

New marketing campaign presents Berlin as a strong IT location

“redefine the possible. log in. berlin.” is drawing attention to IT in Berlin from both Germany and abroad – presentation at the Campus Party

Berlin, 22.08.2012 – As from today, Berlin is presenting itself in Germany and abroad as a strong, high-performing IT location. The new campaign launched by the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research, Berlin Partner GmbH, the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the regional ICT association SIBB e. V. aims to draw the attention and stimulate the interest of IT users to information technology ‘Made in Berlin’.


Target groups are industry professionals as well as investors. The goal is to interest them in Berlin as an important and attractive IT location. Advertising is being placed in print media and on the Internet ( The campaign will also appear at major national and international trade fairs and events. Not only is Berlin THE start-up location for young Internet enterprises, it is also an established, high-performance location for information technology and the digital industry.

“It has long been no secret that Berlin is a breeding ground and major location for the creative minds of the digital industry. It is still continuing to attract young inventors, developers, digital natives and increasingly also investors. They all share the “Berlin Dream” – in Germany’s capital everything is possible in IT, the web and the digital industry; there’s room here for everyone to turn their ideas into reality. Berlin is also building up its position as the start-up capital of the Internet industry, supported by its leading status in research and education, its internationality and intercultural competence. We want to highlight this trend and ensure that a real digital economy is created through these creative individuals and start-up ventures, bringing jobs, income and prosperity for Berlin,” explains Nicolas Zimmer, State Secretary at the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research.


Berlin is a leading location for IT in Germany

The digital industry and IT sector are an important part of the ICT, media and creative industry cluster. In the capital region this cluster encompasses 36,841 companies with an annual turnover of €26.11 billion, employing 181,217 people subject to social insurance and approximately 314,000 gainfully employed individuals.

“Berlin and the surrounding area have long been one of the top IT areas in Germany. In spite of this, the capital region is still overlooked by many IT procurement managers as well as by IT professionals and managers. Berlin has a lot to offer: from cloud technology and industry solutions through to e-Government applications and IT security; there is also a young start-up scene and a unique living and working environment for young IT professionals from all over the world,” emphasises Christian Köhler, Chairman of the Board of the ICT industry association SIBB e.V.

Young start-ups, established medium-sized enterprises and numerous spin-offs


It’s not just young Internet companies such as moped, Amen and Gidsy that show how Berlin has developed into a centre for start-ups, creative individuals and investors. Established companies from IT and digital business number among Berlin’s success stories, for example and Soundcloud. Germany’s capital has also become THE location for games and mobile content in Germany (examples: goodbeans, moviepilot, YOC AG, Checkitmobile).

“Over the last few years Berlin has developed into one of the most important start-up hubs in Europe. It is the place for creating profitable companies which grow and cause a sensation worldwide. Furthermore – and this is the decisive factor – an infrastructure is being developed here with a network that is reminiscent of the spirit and energy of Silicon Valley. Berlin has a unique opportunity to develop its very own identity, straddling the areas of technology and design. At the same time, this continually changing metropolis is attracting highly qualified professionals from all over the world,” says Benedikt Lehnert, Chief Marketing Officer, 6Wunderkinder GmbH

Success has above all been enjoyed by many medium-sized IT companies, including not only system and consulting firms but also known manufacturers (brands) and providers of IT solutions, such as AVM, PSI AG, Bundesdruckerei, Klopotek and ableton. Thanks to the Fraunhofer institutes and other research centres, the IT location profits from its close proximity and excellent networking with research and science; the four universities and numerous higher education institutes ensure the high quality of future generation.


Targeted business-to-business campaign complements industry campaign run by Berlin-Partner

Featuring motifs designed by the Berlin agency and the slogan ‘redefine the possible. log In. berlin.’, attention is being drawn to the IT location of Berlin with large-scale advertisements in print and online media, at trade fairs and on the Internet (,  A total of 0.5 million euros will be invested over the course of the next 12 months.

For the Managing Director of Berlin Partner GmbH, Melanie Bähr, the development of the campaign is a good example of how cooperation partnerships work for the good of Berlin as a location. “Once again we have shown just how well shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration between the public and private sector works when it comes to Berlin as a location. We want to draw national and international attention to Berlin’s development into the Silicon Valley of Europe. Funding from our private partners is also being invested for this purpose.”

With today’s launch, the aim is to attract further partners from business and industry to support the campaign and spread the word. An advisory board comprising the campaign partners and representatives of the companies will oversee the content and strategy of the campaign.