Why become a partner


Ingo Meistering, Area Manager, Atos Berlin

“As a partner of log. in. berlin. we profit from the wide-ranging network the campaign has. Contact with other companies, public institutions, political decision-makers and the high level of visibility we have for employees, both present and future, is of great benefit to us. At the same time this partnership shows that as a global player we are also well aware of the local context in which our customers operate.“

Tobias Bräuer and Benjamin Thym, Founders, barcoo/checkitmobile

“We’d like to contribute to raising awareness of what a great place Berlin is for IT – and naturally we’d love to get something back in return. Like greater exposure. In this partnership we’ve seen a win-win situation both for us and the city itself as an IT hub.”

Your advantages as a campaign partner

Engagement for your place of business

A strong location and a strong company – a host of benefits can be reaped from such a mutual relationship. Berlin promotes the location and by so doing also helps to promote you. Join us and broadcast the message about Berlin.

Marketing material

As a partner of the campaign you receive attractive campaign marketing material (brochures, roll-up banners, give-aways, posters and much more) all free of charge. You can use it in your own media and take it with you to events.

Take part in the campaign blog

As a partner you can take part in the campaign blog - The metablog on Berlin’s Digital Economy which offers entertaining insights into facets of the Berlin digital economy. Your expertise could add yet more facets! It’s a great way of gaining added attention for your company.

Get to know the cream of the Berlin digital economy

As a campaign partner you will get to meet and know other innovative engaged companies in the city – the crème de la crème of the digital economy!

Network with policy-makers

As a partner of the campaign you will be networking with government and public administration. Join in and help shape the future of Berlin as a hub for IT.

Recruit professionals

As a campaign partner you can draw attention to your IT job vacancies on the campaign’s website. Raise your own visibility among professionals both locally and internationally.

Four steps to becoming a partner

log in. berlin. promotes Berlin as the digital city. Are you and your company a part of the Berlin IT and digital economy? Then come on board and become a partner in the campaign.

1. Fill in the form lower down this page.

2. The campaign team will be in touch to take you on the "log in. berlin." journey.

3. As an ambassador for the IT hub Berlin you will benefit from all the advantages of the campaign.

4. Berlin works for you. You work for Berlin. Networked with the most engaged and most innovative companies in Berlin.

It’s as simple as that!

Sign up now!

Over 280 companies in the digital economy have now enrolled as partners of the campaign and form a network for IT made in Berlin. They take “log in. berlin.” marketing material with them to events across the whole world. On the campaign website they talk about what motivated them to first set up their business in Berlin or pursue research here or set up a new company division in the city, and their commitment to Berlin as a place of excellence in IT shines through. They participate in the campaign blog with their own company blog and post their available IT job opportunities on the campaign website.

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