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Communications made in Berlin

Founded by four students in Berlin in 1986, AVM has become a leading manufacturer of
broadband devices for DSL, cable, LTE and fiber optics in Germany and Europe over the last
30 years. The company's headquarter is based in Berlin-Moabit. Here, about 700 employees
keep developing new connections for internet, telephony and Smart Home.

Mid 1980's, West Berlin – four students develop an idea: They want to use the new ISDN technology to create a bridge between the interactive videotex (the German BTX) launched by the Deutsche Bundespost and the young PC market. Following their success with early projects they were soon assigned with hardware and software solutions. Motivated by their early success the four students became successful business men. They founded AVM in 1986. Their aim was to make internet use
easier, faster and better for all.

The founders remained in the management board to this day. Other than that almost everything has changed. After the initial development assignments the company started to develop own products in 1988. This was also exceptionally successful: The active ISDN card B1 became the most bought active ISDN controller worldwide.

Breakthrough: The FRITZ! brand
Through the development of the ISDN mass market the business continued to grow. The launch of the FRITZ!Card product line turned out to be a central decision in the mid 1990's. AVM became the unchallenged market leader for ISDN controllers. The adoption of the FRITZ! name was no coincidence in the process. FRITZ! is not only strongly attached to Berlin, but also stresses the simple handling of the products and doesn't sound too technical at the same time. The success proved the inventors right: In October 1997 over one million FRITZ!Cards were used by customers.

A major breakthrough for AVM followed in 2004. With FRITZ!Box the company launched its flagship. This was the start to a rapid success story. Today, AVM is one of the leading manufacturers of broadband devices for DSL, cable, LTE and fiber optics in Germany and Europe.

The recipe for success: Innovative products developed in-house
However, the FRITZ!Box is just one of many innovations made by AVM. To provide customers with optimum data transmissions covering great ranges, AVM was the first company to release a compact wireless repeater in 2008. Since 2011 powerline products are also part of the portfolio. All products are developed in-house and are optimized for each other. This works especially well within Mesh WiFi by FRITZ!, which provides seamless wireless LAN coverage in the entire home.

In addition, Smart Home products such as smart plugs and radiator controls simplify the life of users. Cordless phones and free apps complete AVM's portfolio for home networking. AVM also provides regular, free updates for FRITZ!OS, the operating system of all products, to offer customers new functions for greater convenience and speed. Plus, these updates increase security and can also be downloaded via auto-update.

Home in Berlin
Berlin was always a central factor for AVM's success. It has been the headquarter since its founding in 1986 and had a major impact on the company. The academic landscape of the capital, its attractiveness and the international environment played a great role in the growth of AVM. The former student start-up has turned into the company's headquarter located directly at the Spree in Moabit. The majority of the approximately 700 employees from 20 nations is working here and continues to develop the success story of the next 30 years.

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