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Digital fleet management for small and medium-sized businesses

Modern fleet management for local businesses: Vimcar developed a solution to manage the entire company fleet easily and efficiently. That minimizes the administrative effort and allows significant financial savings even for small and medium-sized businesses.

Vimcar’s mission is to digitalize the administrative everyday routines of company car drivers and fleet managers. Beyond the resulting time savings, a company can significantly reduce its costs. Modern fleet management mostly starts with the issue of the company car taxation. The digital logbook solution is thus the core of the Vimcar product.

The digital logbook solution
Vimcar first entered and captured the market in 2014 with their digital logbook, aiming to help small businesses and company car owners save on taxes. Whereas the majority small companies still feels to be overwhelmed by fleet management solutions, the issue of company car taxation is nowadays already present. Company car drivers in Germany have to declare their private trips to tax authorities. There are two methods for this: Drivers can choose either between the convenient, but mostly expensive 1%-taxation or a logbook which goes along with lots of effort. In some cases, the tax authorities even require a logbook for company cars that are solely used for business trips.

Since both methods turn out to be unsatisfying, Vimcar developed a digital logbook solution which automatically tracks each trip - saving valuable time and effort.

After parking the vehicle, the trip is instantly transferred to the Vimcar software so that the user can manage his trips either in the Vimcar app or via web browser. If necessary, the logbook can be exported as PDF and passed on to the tax office. Last year, auditing consultancy KPMG tested, whether Vimcar fulfills the legal requirements concerning digital logbooks ( Moreover, Vimcar proudly cooperates with the German Association of Tax Advisers (DStV), DATEV and Haufe Lexware.

Get more benefit out of the fleet with Vimcar Fleet
In the heart of Berlin, the team of 60 is working on making Vimcar the top software solution for small and medium-sized businesses in the midterm. The digital assistant will soon pool all daily tasks concerning company car in one intelligent application - always with the user, the staff of small and medium-sized businesses, in mind. Brand-new on board: Vimcar Booking, a tool around the booking process of pool vehicles for customer meetings and other daily tasks, finally adds efficiency to the process of the vehicle allocation.

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