Creative businesses from Berlin at the PICNIC Cross-Over-Marketplace

Europe’s creative minds met in Amsterdam for PICNIC. Within the scope of the “redefine the possible. log in. berlin.” campaign, Projekt Zukunft (Project Future) initiated the participation of 5 creative businesses from Berlin in order to grant them the chance to showcase their innovative cross-over products as well as services. Thus, pokketmixer Christian Komm from Berlin stirred up the exhibition hall with his sounds and lighting, showing how music, technology and local entertainment program mingle in Berlin. Blacksquared founders Daniela Schiffer and Markus Schulz demonstrated the possibilities of their platform Changers developed a system which transforms solar energy into a social experience. With their collaborations platform AngelClique, founders Jennah Kriebel and Chris Kuehl aim for creative minds and developers who are searching for investors or colleagues for current projects. Magdalena Böttger, founder of Look Mommy!, and her PR expert Henriette Weber presented their recommendation platform for  Apps, which is particularly appropriate for children. Likewise, Mark Rosenthal and Stephan Lethaus from Human Interface Network address parents and children with their platform MELMAO. It’s a social network offering children the possibility to play, learn and meet each other. In order to meet the security demands on the parents’ side, MELMAO wants to establish secure conditions for the exchange.